wxMidi installation

wxMidi installation and usage

No installation needed. Use wxMidi source files as part of your application source code. wxMidi is just two source files and one header file. Copy them to your application source tree, and compile them with your code.

Obviously you will also require the portmidi library and you will have to modify your application makefile or project build file to link with this library.

In Linux, portmidi is normally already installed in your system. If not, install package portmidi. For instance, in Debian based systems open a terminal window and enter:

	sudo apt-get install libportmidi-dev

In MS Windows the situation is just the contrary: unless another package has already installed portmidi, you have great chances to have to install it. For your convenience, I used to include in the wxMidi package the portmidi libraries I was using on my Windows machine, so that you could avoid having to download and build them. But nowadays I no longer develop for Windows. So the included library is the one I used in my old Windows XP machine. Sorry! You can download portmidi from http://portmedia.sourceforge.net


  1. I no longer use a machine with Microsoft Windows. Therefore, last test I did was on windows XP.
  2. In Windows XP, portmidi needs the portmidi.dll, but there is no simple way to set up projects to use this dll. Therefore, YOU MUST COPY this dll to your application executable file folder.
  3. In later Windows versions, I think that portmidi.dll is no longer needed.

Package structure

After downloading and unzipping you will find the following directories and content:

build/mswthe old project files I used for compiling the sample application using MS VisualStudio .NET 2003
build/linuxmakefiles and project files for compiling the sample application using Code::Blocks IDE in linux
build/msvc-e2010the old project files I used for compiling the sample application using MS VisualC++ Express 2010
samples/midisoundsource files the sample application
srcsource and include files for wxMidi
portmidiheader files for portmidi and prebuild pormidi libraries for Windows XP
locale.po and .mo files with current translations

Last updated: 2015/01/09