wxMidi: Changes between versions

wxMidi 2.0 (2015/Jan/12)


  • Length of wxMidiSysExMessage uses now a 'long' instead of an 'int'. Therefore:
    • method wxMidiSysExMessage::Length() now returns a long.
    • method wxMidiSysExMessage::SetLength() now requires a long as parameter.
    This change was required to avoid a limit of 32KB for SysEx messages.


  • Fixed bug causing occasional problems when receiving sysex messages (thanks to Brian Walton for reporting this bug, tracing its origin and helping in tests).
  • Added code to detect and signal a timeout in the recepcion of SysEx messages. This could happend if midi cable is disconnected during a SysEx transmision.
  • Added optional parameter to wxMidiDeviceIn() constructor for specifying the wait time (seconds) to finish an incomplete SysEx message before reporting a timeout error. By default, 5 seconds.
  • Added optional parameter to method wxMidiDeviceIn::Open() for specifying the buffer size to be used by the portmidi library. Default value has been increased to 4KB.
  • Removed artificial limitation for receiving SysEx messages larger that 10,000 bytes. As a consequence, error code wxMIDI_ERROR_BadSysExMsg_Length has been removed.
  • Added two new translations: German, thanks to Undine Peters; Simplified Chinese, thanks to 卢文汐 (Wenxi Lu).
  • Documentation updated and rewriten for using Doxygen.
  • Minor changes in code, mainly for avoiding a couple of compilation warnings and for including documentation in source code.
  • Added more functionality to midisound sample application to allow to test more MIDI commands.

wxMidi 1.5 (2011/Dec/02)

  • Portmidi latest version (217) has changed the definition of PmTimestamp from 'long' to 'int'. This causes some compilation problems in wxMidi that has been fixed. Code reviewed to ensure compatibility.
  • Fixed a couple of compilation errors due to changes introduced by wxWidgets 2.8.12
  • Added optional parameter to method wxMidiDatabaseGM::PopulateWithInstruments for optionally adding a sequence number to the listed items.
  • Added three new translations: Italian (Mauro Giubileo), Basque (Karlos del Olmo Serna) and Galician (Emilio Mesías and Xema Sanxurxo Rodríguez)

wxMidi 1.4 (2007/May/19)

  • No changes in source code.
  • Added translation to Dutch (Jack Van Handenhove).
  • Distributed and tested with latest portmidi version (17/Jan/07)
  • Distributed wxMidi libraries precompiled with wxWidgets 2.8.0

wxMidi 1.3 (2006/Nov/18)

  • No changes in source code.
  • Added translations to French (Carlos Alarcia) and Turkish (Elif Öztürk).
  • Distributed wxMidi libraries precompiled with wxWidgets 2.8.0rc1

wxMidi 1.2 (2006/Aug/18)

  • Static string initializations removed. This caused problems for internationalization.
  • Added 'locale' folder with .po and .mo language files. Spanish translation added.
  • Distributed wxMidi libraries precompiled with wxWidgets 2.6.3
  • lib names changed. No longer include version number

wxMidi 1.1 (2006/Jan/3)

  • Added patch to PortMidi (contributed by Andreas Micheler) to fix memory leaks problem in PortMidi.
  • Distributed wxMidi libraries precompiled with wxWidgets 2.6.2

wxMidi 1.0 (2005/Sep/3)

  • Initial release. Distribution precompiled with wxWidgets 2.6.0

Last updated: 2015/01/19